The Hsien Prayers Portfolio

A collaboration between
Nicholas Hauser
and James de Villiers. 

Artwork by Nicholas Hauser. 

Printing and presentation by
James de Villiers.

A specially boxed collection of four silkscreened prints with the Hsien Manifesto and a
Certificate of Authenticity.
Each Hsien print measures 70 x 50 cm.
An initial edition of twenty boxed portfolio sets.

For enquiries please email:

Our Hsien Visual Prayers
for good governance,
conscience, meditation
and compassion.
Good governance of the self.
Good governance of your relationship to other people.
Good governance of your place in the pattern of existence, environment and energy.

There is a long history of human beings from all cultures petitioning images for an improvement in their futures and fortunes. We think perhaps of the great fetishes; Nkonde Nkisi, of the Golden Calf, Ganesha, the Crucifix, the Virgin.
Not forgetting “likes”, blue ticks and thumbs-up approvals of latterday digital mediums.

Objects of sacrifice, devotion or appreciation
are not unfamiliar. Neither are our pre-determined
sequences of words, prayers, incantations and manifest verbal recitations.

If then, these spoken rituals embody an improved sense of security, comfort and well-being - and we believe we can utter or speak something better into existence; then why may we not likewise believe ourselves capable of looking, viewing, seeing, watching or gazing something into existence?

In short, could a design alone, perhaps function as
a potent prayer?
A picture prayer.

Thus, by simply looking at it briefly - or for an extended period of time - we might improve our optimism, our hope and our energy levels using the eye as the primary agent of acquisition and ultimately of transformation.

What this portfolio of original “Hsien” images simply seeks to do is say :

“Here, look at these images. Feel better “

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